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EHV Test Lab

Global Power Research Institute (GPRI),

a unit of Saravana Global Energy Limited {SGEL) is a EHV testing facility located at Cuddalore, adjacent to SGEL. Having excellent testing facilities compared to other EHV Labs in India, GPRI is a first of its kind private lab to have High Voltage and Mechanical Testing, for design testing and R&D work connected with Insulators and various other electrical equipment manufactured by the power industry. The lab is approved by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt, of India, and is accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau of Laboratories, Govt, of India.

The GPRI laboratory is updated with instrumentation in tune with the latest requirements. The lab is qualified for undertaking the testing of manufacturers of Insulators, Isolators, Sf6 Circuit Breakers, CTs/CVTs, Lightning Arresters etc., upto 400kV. The lab has done type tests for Railways, PGCIL, Electricity Boards,

Power Projects etc., and the test certificate issued by GPRI is accepted and treated at par with the test reports issued by independent testing laboratories like CPRI etc.
The High Voltage and Mechanical Testing facilities along with SGEL's Plant could greatly help to accelerate the development of various categories of Insulators required by the Power industry while maintaining high quality standards of the products.

Salient Features


An NABL accredited Laboratory


Test Report accepted by all State EB's, PGCIL, NTPC & other National Bodies.


Systematic Electrical Testing upto 400kV for



• Transmission Line & Equipment Insulators
• Isolators
• Breakers
• Transformers
• Conductors
• Line Hardware
• Accessories etc.

FSophisticated instrumentation and experienced personnel.

  EHVTesting - Dry/Wet Power Frequency / Lightning Impulse / Wet Switching / RIV /
  Corona / Voltage Distribution as per ISS / IEC / PGCIL Standards
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