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SGEL has been supplying to Areva, Siemens, ABB, BHEL and Crompton Greaves
Composite Silicone Rubber Insulators

Long-Rod Type Insulators: From 11 KV to 765 KV Range, Standards applicable IEC, and ANSI.
Line-Post Insulators: From 33 KV to 66 KV Standards applicable IEC, and ANSI.
Railway Insulators: 25 KV, As per RDSO Specification
Station Post Insulators: From 33 KV to 245 KV Range, Standards applicable IEC, and ANSI.
Hollow Insulators: For SF-6 Circuit-Breaker, Bushings, Arresters, Cable Terminations, CT, CVT, PT Range 33KV to 245 KV


Salient Features of SGEL Silicone Rubber Insulators


The SGEL make of silicone rubber composite insulators will meet the requirements of IEC61109, IEO60815, IEC62217, ANSL29.13 and any relevant international standards.


Use of both HTV and LSR grades of silicone rubber depending upon the requirement of the product.


Use of Silicone Rubber Compound from Global suppliers like Wacker, Momentive, Dow Corning etc.


FRP rods will be manufactured using ECR grade Glass Fiber and Hydrolysis Resistant Epoxy Resin System.


SGEL's aim is to manufacture excellent quality Silicone Rubber Composite Insulators and supply to their
customers in India and Overseas.



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